Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DC comics! (and the new 52)

The Ronin here!

First of all, I understand that like 90 percent of what I have posted has been about Marvel comics. I am a huge Marvel fan going way back, my all time favorite superhero is Spider-Man, I grew up on Marvel animation in the 90s and confusing clone saga Spider-Man comics. Although, perhaps more importantly for the blog, I have just been reading a lot of Marvel lately. That said, I love DC comics. Not just the excellent vertigo line, but the DC Universe stuff.

Timeless and classic characters abound in the DCU. Who can hate Superman or Batman? They aren't always well written, but the characters are classic and beloved icons recognized the world over. Some of my all time favorite DC books have been some of the events, such as Infinite Crisis, and singularity of awesomeness that is '52'. Everything printed about the Green Lantern since Geoff Johns took over I love. Hell I even love Final Crisis, despite of, or perhaps because of its Grant Morrisoniness (I honestly don't know which one).  I love the JSA, I just love everything about it. Oh and the Teen Titans since the 2003 relaunch I really really liked, up until about Infinite Crisis.

There is so much more, it would take all day to describe what I like about DC. However the fact is I have not been buying a lot of DC comics, there are a lot of reasons for it. But with the relaunch coming in, I want to pick up some new books, maybe ill get back into them and find a few series I buy every month like I am doing with Marvel, Below is what I already have ordered and why.

1) Action Comics #1

It is Action comics, it is literally a relaunch of the very first modern superhero comic. And it is Superman! He is a hard character to write for, but he is iconic, he is the ideal to shoot for, he is what all other fictional characters measure themselves up to, for Marvel fans who have never really read Superman hes their Thor and Captain America rolled into one. For Indy comics fans who have never heard of Superman he is like the Plutonian, only sane and not killing people for no reason. For example, Superman rarely has a need to skeletonize babies in their mother's arms.

Of course if you've never heard of Superman you probably have bigger problems then this blog can address. Perhaps your city is a lost German colony in the Amazon rain forest that only recently was rediscovered and you just got the internet? I don't know.

In this relaunch Superman will just be starting out, he does not have his costume figured out yet, hes just beginning to learn how to fly, so he is still leaping tall buildings in a single bound and fighting street level crime. This is ballsy. Hopefully we will see him slowly power up.  This may be brilliant, or this may be terrible, but either way I am intrigued, and I will be there for the show.

If you love Superman check out Action Comics #1, if you hate Superman, you might like this new take, so check out Action Comics #1. Oh, it is wrote by Grant Morrison, which might be wonderful or terrible. I like Morrison's ideas, however personally I find it hard to follow a lot of his stories panel to panel. Is that a flaw of his, or a flaw of mine ? Unknown, but everyone can decide that for themselves, when they check out Action Comics #1.

2) Batwoman #1

I don't have a lot to say about this pick except I like the character, she was intriguing and quite an ass kicker in 52. A lot of people have been waiting for her new series for a long time, and even if it is only so-so I think it will be good to support the book. We need to let DC know we support strong female characters and we support gay and lesbian characters. There will be a certain segment of the population who will think this is the worst thing ever, but I am glad DC has the courage to have, not only a gay character but one who is a member of the "Bat family' series of titles.

Also politics and beliefs aside Batwoman just kicks major ass. After all it is the Goddamn Batwoman.

3) Blue Beetle #1

The Blue Beetle is back. That is pretty much the only reason I need. Here is another minority character, although having grown up in Southern California which has such a large Hispanic population and it is so intermixed with Americans from other walks of life that I do not normally think of them as 'minorities'. But the reality is there is still prejudice out there, and in some parts of the country they really are a small minority. Also it is just good to have our comic book characters be as diverse as we are.

But like I said, I often do not often think of Hispanic Americans in that way, I dont really think of them any differently then Anglo-Americans and other European-Americans. So that is not why I am excited about this book. I just want to see this cool, and fun character get another shot. And this time hes been animated, which may prove to be a huge advantage over the last run.  

4) Teen Titans #1

I loved the 2003 Teen Titans, however somewhere along the lines I felt it went off the tracks, admittedly I have not read the most recent stuff, so it might be good. I do not know, but I am excited to see it get a new shot. Especially with the Titans I like so much back, Tim Drake, Superboy, Bart Allen (I assume that is Bart and Con-El anyways, we will see). And while I am not thrilled with the costume designs on the promo picture I am intrigued by the other characters.

I liked when Blue Beetle, and Ms. Martian and Kid Devil joined the team. I like the characters I just felt the story lines were lacking. Hopefully they will find a way to bring them back into the fold. Especially Ms. Martian being animated on the Young Justice series.

So a new chance to do Teen Titans, will it suck? will it be great? Unknown, but I figure it is worth 3 bucks to find out.

5) The Flash #1

This is a no brainer, it is The Flash, fastest man alive. Flash rebirth was awesome, and Flashpoint is surprisingly awesome. Might as well pick up The Flash #1 and see where it goes from here.

That's all I have to say about The Flash. (Quick, like him)

Others: I might pick up the other Superman books if they look good or are highly recommended, there are numerous other titles I am somewhat interested in, I will probably pick up Justice League, we will see.  Some of it will depend on the old wallet, 'Ronining' is a surprisingly poor paying profession.

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  1. I'm super-excited for this as well and can't wait till September! It's Green Arrow, Hawkman, The Flash, Aquaman, & the 4 Green Lantern Titles for me! Maybe a couple others as well....

    Since money doesn't grow on trees for me either, I've had to drop the Batman & Superman franchises (including some of the ones you mentioned above)...