Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Face of Modern Homophobia

Shame on Jerry Smith of Erlanger Kentucky.
Avengers Academy needs more readers, but not readers like this.

According to my Facebook. Avengers Academy has found its replacement readers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Avengers Alien Mystery Solved? (Photo Comparison)

Very recently photos of an Avengers board game have come online, they feature the movie Avengers up against what look very much like Skrulls. Now the game pieces themselves look kind of cheap and are unpainted, or are simply all the same color. Few people doubt these are skrulls, but what is in doubt is the identity of the villains in the film. A few short freeze frames is all we have of the film's mysterious villains, and honestly at first look they don't look to much like the game pieces.

But that is at first look. At second look it becomes clear that the feet are identical, the armor is identical or very very similar, they have ears that might be skrull ears (The freeze frames are so blurry they could be antenna.) and they seem to be wearing similar head gear that comes down to a point over their fore head.

Here is a photo of some of the points on the aliens that look similar.

As you can see the feet and the armored skirt-thing look dead on, I have highlighted those areas to make the shapes easier to see. The chest piece looks off, but I think we are seeing shadows and blur that seem to be hiding the true shape, if you look closely it appears to be layered just like on the toy, with the top most piece extending further in the middle, with indents on either side of it.

The circular headband bit also appears on some of the toys though it is difficult to see in this photo and may or may not be the same part. The last similarity seems to be flat circular second on the forearm. These are at two different angles, but it sure does look like it might be the same piece.

The photos of the board game show two different Skrulls, This is the bulkier "Skrull Commander" (Unofficial name) the others are less bulky and don't have the shoulder and back armor, however they are also holding a gun in front of their check which obscures most of the details.

I think after examining these photos the aliens at Loki's beck and call really are the same as the board game, a kind of Skrull. Now will they will be called by that name or an other ? That remains to be seen.